Starting Point

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Since September 2013 we have been using Starting Point as a method of evangelism.  Connecting People to God.  The methodology we have been employing is what I was exposed at during the Acts 16:5 conference that I had attended the previous spring at Northridge Church in Rochester, NY.  It involves showing a portion of a word for word video of one of the Gospels and then essentially asking the question “what if this were true?”  The hope is to allow the participants to ask question about God, Jesus and the Bible and let the Gospel answer those questions.  The leader is intended to be a facilitator, rather than an instructor.

The Starting Point concept was originated in Northpoint Community Church under the leadership of Andy Stanley.  Their approach is different than what we have been using.  Northpoint’s Starting Point uses an 8 week small group model and videos presenting eight concepts about faith, approached in a fresh way that is directed towards people who are just beginning their faith journey.  Penny and the DMC are considering a hybrid approach where both the Gospel and the series are used possible switching back and forth and encouraging people to attend both before moving on to the regular service and joining a regular small group.

Whether or not we use this hybrid approach, Andy’s approach in these eight weeks of teaching is something that I wanted to encourage you to listen to and think about.  What I like so much about them is the way they engage those seeking faith in a non-confrontational manner while at the same time causing the individual to wrestle with the deep issues that need to be dealt with if someone is going to begin a faith journey with God through Christ’s death and resurrection.

Below, I will separate each week into a separate webpage and ask a few questions based on the session’s topic.  I would encourage you to listen to each week and think through the questions.  If you just want access to all the videos you can get them here:  Northpoint Community Church:Starting Point.

Chapter 1:  Start

Chapter 2:  Problem

Chapter 3:  Trust

Chapter 4:  Rules

Chapter 5:  Jesus

Chapter 6:  Grace

Chapter 7:  Faith

Chapter 8:  Invitation