Every year we partner with Life Choices Center for their Change for Life Campaign.  2018’s bottle drive will be from January 7th to February 4th.  Pick up a baby bottle in the back of the sanctuary and make some change…for Life.

What is Change for Life? Each year Lakeview participates in the Change for Life campaign.  Change for Life is the signature fundraising campaign for Life Choices Center. The money raised helps people in our community before, during, and after unplanned pregnancies. This year will be the fifteenth year for Change for Life!

How it works: It doesn’t get much easier than this!  Life Choices Center provides empty baby bottles which people take home to fill with cash, check, or coins and return it to Lakeview.  At the end of a designated time, we return the bottles to Life Choices Center.  They will count the contents of each baby bottle, and let us know how we contributed to the work at Life Choices Center.

This year we will run our campaign beginning on January 7th and ending on February 4th.  Please return your filled baby bottle(s) on or before February 4th.

Thank you to everyone who participated in past years.  In 2017 we raised $552.17.  PTL.

For more information about Life Choices Center go to or check out their Facebook page at

Watch this video and learn more about the impact you will have on LIFE when you fill a baby bottle!