Save those stamps!

Making a difference for the Gospel can be as easy as saving your used postal stamps.

Since 1972 over $750,000 has been raised by the Alliance through saving and reselling postal stamps to stamp collectors (over $21,500 last year alone).  Currently the money raised is used to print teaching material in Central and South America.

Watch the following video and see what the Alliance Stamp Ministry is all about:

Stamp Ministry Guidelines

Following these simple steps will make the processing of the stamps easier:

  1. Save any applied postage stamp.  Do not save stamps that have been preprinted on envelopes or postcards.
  2. Leave at least ¼” of the envelope around the stamp.
  3. Collect your stamps and place them in the Stamp Ministry container on the Missionary table in the rear of the sanctuary.

Any questions can be directed to Florence Zimmerer or to the church office.